DEEMO -Reborn-
  • The storybook world of DEEMO is brought to life in an even more meticulous manner.
  • New gameplay and an exquisite story allows you to go deeper into the world of DEEMO
  • Contains both music rhythm game elements and castle exploration/puzzle-solving elements.
  • Choose between VR Mode or TV Mode for a wider range of fun.
  • Including both old songs and new songs, a total of more than 60 fascinating songs are here in the brand-new -REBORN-.
How to Play
TV Mode: Exploration & Rhythm

Explore the ancient castle, discover clues and solve the puzzles.
TV Mode offers an easy way to hit the notes and perform songs by pushing the left/right thumbsticks or by pressing the corresponding buttons.

How to Play
VR Mode: Exploration & Rhythm

Through the PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Move motion controllers, players will be able to explore the ancient castle in various ways and immerse themselves in this seemingly real adventure.
Touch the piano with the PlayStation®Move motion controllers. The closer the notes are to the judgment line, the better the timing.