11/17 Development Notes


Fellow Returners:

Last month, we released Version 2.1, had a two-week "Halloween Party" event, and sent out surveys for Version 2.0.

First, a big "thank you" to everyone who filled out the survey! Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and gives us motivation to keep working hard.

We're also extremely excited to see how much you've all enjoyed Chapter 2, "A Mountain High"! We'll make sure to carry on that same story quality in our future chapters, while also taking everyone's suggestions into account when designing future songs and puzzles.

We're also taking player suggestions towards the game's many menus and systems into account, such as the song selection menu and collectibles system. Since many players seem to either love or hate the new Flick Notes, we will try and discuss ways in which those notes could be better implemented and displayed in charts moving forward.

We want to thank everyone who plays DEEMO II once again, and who took their time to give their opinions in this survey. Your responses and enthusiasm give us the motivation to keep providing you all with engaging, meaningful, and most-importantly fun content for a long time to come!

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