07/29 Development Notes


Beloved Returners:

DEEMO II Version 1.3.0 has been released!

In this version, we've upgraded the whole check-in rewards system. Everything is refreshed at the same time each day, and events now count towards Daily Tasks. We hope this makes things more convenient for everyone.

We've also added a whole new series of stories to weekly rewards called "Central Station Memories", which tell tales of past station events.

We've also added a brand-new store called "Ghost Notes", which sells individual charts from past events which would be otherwise unavailable. Ghost Notes will be updated early each month. If you don't see a Ghost Notes store, that means you already have every chart currently available for purchase.

July's Summer events have already come to an end. We thank everyone for participating and hope you had fun, and are looking forward to the many events to come!

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